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The CONQUM (CONstruction QUality Management) system wa developed as a joint venture between OLAN AT&S Ltd. and Miki Yogev Engineering Ltd. for project management and quality control of construction works.

The aim of existing construction standards and current requirements of their implementation in the industry is to improve the quality of construction work.

However, in real life, a wide range of onsite activities take place at the same time comprising different parts and phases of the construction project. For example, during the construction of multistory building, frame construction can be underway on one floor, while finishing work has already started on the lower floors and environment maintenance and improvement is ongoing at another part of the site. Even the most experienced professionals find it practically impossible to keep manual track of the entire scope of quality control parameters in all parallel processes while also dealing with human resource management, contacts with customers and subcontractors, timely supply of materials, machinery implementation, etc.

CONQUM enables the user to see each and every detail. It is based on existing construction work quality control standards and general requirements, which can be adjusted at the user’s discretion as per the specific characteristics and specifications of a particular construction process.

We are in numbers

Quality tests in the system
Active users
Completed Projects
Fixed Defects in the system

Reducing deviations and construction defects

The system has many screens that allow optimal control of the control process and continuously.

Increasing manpower efficiency

The system is suitable for all types of construction and operates on many sites. Saturated construction, ground floor, commercial, offices and more.

Simple operation for the user

All activities performed in the app allow easy and quick access to the software screens.

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